Like all other products, there are new air conditioners that come onto the market every single day. There are the 10 best air conditioners on the market today that you should take the time to review.


lg lw

The LG LW air conditioner is one of a kind. For starters, this home air conditioner is very easy to install in the window. It has a BTU of 8,000, which means a home will get cool in a quick amount of time. This air conditioner is great for people that want to save money. It has an energy saver feature. It will still work very well even while the energy saver is on.


lg lp

The LG LP is a portable air conditioner. It’s really light and comes with a handle to easily move it from place to place. It’s great for a home and even a store. The BTU is strong, and the remote that comes with it can make contact even from far away distances. This particular portable air conditioner is known for being quiet. It’s hard to find a portable air conditioner these days. The LG LP is quiet even when its blasting high. This makes it unique, and it is also very affordable.



The SPT SF is one of the first air purifiers that is also a portable air conditioner. It can take in almost eight liters of water, so it’s able to push for cool air for a long period of time. This air conditioner has several different speeds, and it can be programmed to shut off by itself. You will also save a lot of energy when you use this portable air conditioner. The price is more than reasonable for an all in one air conditioner and air purifier. It also has wheels, so you can easily put it in a different room every night if you please.



With an almost 10,000 BTU capacity, the Senville air conditioner is for people that really want to stay cool. It comes with a few different pieces so that the traditional window air conditioner is covered as well as an air conditioner inside the home. You’re almost getting two air conditioners for the price of one. You can purchase this air conditioner and select your BTU preference. There is no other air conditioner that has this awesome feature. The manufacturer created this product to control itself. This way the owner of the product does not have to do much work at all.


frigidaire ff

This Frigidaire air conditioner was created for small rooms. That is why it is so cheap because the BTU capacity is fairly low. However, many parents have found this air conditioner soothing for their small child’s room. This is a great first air conditioners. Studio apartments and efficiency apartments will benefit from this air conditioner. It is very quiet, and it has been made to be sturdy while in a window. It has many different buttons on it to make it colder and not so cold. When you set it to cold, it will definitely get cold in no time.


Haier esa

The Haier ESA is a home air conditioner that carries 10,000 BTU. This is just about the highest BTU on the market. If you want it cold, this is definitely for you. This air conditioner has several different speeds attached to it. It was also built to easily be placed into a window. This air conditioner uses a thinner plug than most air conditioners. This will help you save a lot of money because not that much electricity is being used. Even with a thinner plug, this air conditioner still pushes out a lot of power. It will get a room cold in a matter of minutes.


frigidair cool connect

The Frigidaire Cool Connect is a one of a kind home air conditioner. The air holes are built with smaller strips so more air can get out in a quicker amount of time. The look of it alone will have people turn their heads back. This air conditioner comes with all of the necessary supplies to easily install it. It has almost 9,000 BTU, so you do not have to worry if you will be cool enough. This air conditioner will also send you a text message whenever the filter has to be changed and if any other problems arise. This filter is not found anywhere else.



The DeLonghi portable air conditioner has a beautiful design to it. It also has two handles so that you can easily move it around. Though it may look small, it has almost 12,000 BTU, so your home or space will be cool in no time. At a reasonable price, there are many other benefits that come when you review latest portable air conditioner. These benefits include the fact that is can become a humidifier with the push of a button. In addition to that, you can use this air conditioner as a fan.


ge aros

This GE Aros home air conditioner may look like a traditional air conditioner. However, it is one of the new technology air conditioners. For starters, it contains almost 9,000 BTU, and it’s very easy to install. This air conditioner can be paired with your smartphone.  You can use your phone to adjust all of the settings. If that doesn’t impress you, once you walk into the room your phone will signal the air conditioner to turn on and to set the temperature at your usual setting.


230 window

The 230 Window Air Conditioner is built to stay secure in your window at all times. This is mainly because it can be used all year round. It is not only an air conditioner but also a heater. There is nothing like it on the market. It has almost 19,000 BTU, and the controller is digital and very easy to use. This air conditioner is expected to chill an entire home in less than 30 minutes. People that purchase this home air conditioner will also receive a lengthy warranty with it. There are also many different speeds on this air conditioner, as well as many other gadgets. Credit